Happy July 4th Everyone!

5 07 2010


6 06 2010

I have found a name.. Musings of an Insomniac. I’ll possibly be moving the blog,I’ll attach a link.

To Those Who Want to be Famous

21 05 2010

Just a note to anyone who wants to be famous. Please go out there and have fun! Think of all those poor people who have to read about your life  in text books or in long biographies depicting every minute of your life. Give us something interesting go out and do something stupid! Please I beg of you! (obviously nothing too self deprecating)…. I have just finished writing papers on various famous people, who made great contributions to society however,their lives were pretty boring. Yes, the lives of musicians are interesting as they are infamous for their bad decisions. (before you get annoyed, I know that this does not apply to all musicians!) However, most Professors do not want to hear about the life of Keith Urban and his musical contribution to society. Although I did have a teacher who specifically asked us to write about people like Jimi Hendrix and Andy Warhol, but he was the exception. So, please everyone who wants to contribute to society go out and live a little, you are doing all of us students a big favor.

The Seat Mate Saga

28 03 2010

Whenever I travel I always find it interesting to see who my seat mate will be. Like most people I hope that no one will sit next to me and I will have the row to myself. However, if I am not so lucky I hope that at least the person is somewhat normal, healthy and of average size (not of the should have bought two seats variety).

Recently I was on a bus heading home and an elderly man sat next to me. Unfortunately, he decided that it would be a great idea to basically sit on top of me and as the bus turned he would lean into me. He was not creepy, but I still needed my personal space and was quite uncomfortable during the ride. I considered asking him to politely move over as there was plenty of room on his side of the seat, but he did not speak English. So, I franticly began texting my friends wondering what I should do and one of them suggested coughing violently. I thought this was a really smart idea because if I someone was doing that near me I would move away, but then again I am a bit of a germaphobe. I began to cough rather loudly, but he did not seem to notice. Next I visibly inched away from him and put on my most obvious ‘I am uncomfortable’ expression. Still he did not notice  and I was forced to sit scrunched up near the window until the bus reached his stop.

Unfortunately, I have a lot of weird seat mate stories which is probably because I travel quite often. One time I was traveling back from my friends house  and had to transfer a lot in order to get back. I was waiting on the platform for my train to arrive when I was informed by man in a suit that the train would be late. I thanked him and looked at my schedule which I realized he had seen and knew exactly where I was going. He then proceeded to keep talking to me while I tried to get away from him. Finally the very crowded double decker train arrived and the creepy man sat next to me. The whole time I kept making myself look as busy as possible so he would not talk to me. I called anyone and everyone, but they all seemed to be busy. When the train got to my stop he got off as well and I quickly walked to where I needed to go making sure the man was nowhere in sight.

Do you have any interesting seat mate stories? Post them in the comments section below.

Spring has arrived!

22 03 2010

Spring is finally here! The sun is out, no more coats, leggings, and tights. A few weeks ago I already started wearing my spring clothes and I felt really out of place. Most of New York was wearing their coats and boots. I was the lone person dressed in a t-shirt with no coat on. I mean there was still a slight chill in the air and a coat probably would have been nice. Still I felt as if I was daring winter to come back and I guess the weather listened. It has been progressively warmer every day. So take out your colorful clothing and enjoy the sunshine!

When Nail Polish Attacks

17 03 2010

Yesterday, I had the brilliant idea of painting my nails while writing  a paper for English. Normally this is a great idea for me because multi tasking helps me concentrate better. For example at the very moment I am in class and writing this blog.. I have been falling asleep in this class lately so this is definitely an improvement. Anyhow, I had opened my nail polish left the cap on and placed it on my desk and began preparing the materials I needed for writing my paper. Then I took my nail polish and shook it and it splattered everywhere.I even managed to get nail  polish in my eye, face, hair, and clothes. Oh and it was dark red nail polish. I ran to the bathroom and began washing my eye out. I think I may be the only person who has ever gotten nail polish in their eyes, but if you ever do it is the most painful thing to ever get in your eyes. I was also worried it would dry and I would have to go to the emergency room and be the story the doctors told their families about when they got home. However it miraculously came out! My face on the other hand did not fair as well, I used nail polish remover to remove the nail polish from my face, but there was still a reddish tint to my face. I looked like i either had a rash or a sunburn. Thankfully no one commented on it. Needless to say I will be very cautious the next time I shake a bottle of nail polish.

Why life is awkward….

25 02 2010

This is the answer to one of life’s biggest mysteries. Why is life awkward? A while ago I had a conversation with one of my friends about awkward situations. We discovered that what makes something awkward is the people involved in the situation. There are some people blessed with the innate ability to make potential awkward situations seem normal and comfortable for all parties involved. Unfortunately I was cursed with awkwardness. Most encounters I have with people have a tendency to become awkward. At first I wondered why. Is it because I have some kind of problem interacting with people? (please do not answer this question) Did I miss that really important day in kindergarten?

After wasting time thinking about this I came to the conclusion that I and others like me enjoy creating awkward situations. It entertains us to be stuck in these types of situations and gives us a great story afterward.

For example: I was on a plane traveling with my friend to CA. This was a few years ago…. We did not have headphones and were unable to watch the inflight movie. I was bored so I decided to spy on what the man sitting diagonally from me was watching on his laptop.  i felt bad for my friend who could not see laptop guy’s movie and decided to provide commmentary on the movie. Apperntly you can still hear with headphones and he proceeded to stop the movie and switch to a creepy movie about massacres.

Moral of the story: people can hear you when you are sitting near them on an airplane especially when the person you are talking is sitting in front of them.

In this story I created an awkward situation in order to provide my friend and I with free entertainment and an interesting story. So you see life is only awkward if you want it to be.